PLACE Web Signal Scan

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NOTE: Length of submitting sequence must be less than 4,356. Otherwise, you will get empty result.


grouped by signal (Output sample)
mapped to sequence scan (Output sample)
by sequence order (Output sample)

Group Signal Scan groups the results of the search by signal, so that all of the signal groups are together. Linear scan lists the different signals present in your sequence as it moves along your sequence. Map scan shows your sequence and displays signals below it. The choice of output produces the same result, the preference is up to you. Note that in map scan, the signals reported begin in your sequences directly above the (+) or (-) symbols (for + or - strand). The first bp of a signal begins directly above the + in (+) strand signals.

If you use this program in published research, please cite:

Higo, K., Y. Ugawa, M. Iwamoto and T. Korenaga (1999) Plant cis-acting regulatory DNA elements (PLACE) database:1999. Nucleic Acids Research Vol.27 No.1 pp. 297-300.

Prestridge, D.S. (1991) SIGNAL SCAN: A computer program that scans DNA sequences for eukaryotic transcriptional elements. CABIOS 7, 203-206.

This Web interface for Signal Scan was kindly provided by Ms. Meena Sakharkar at Bioinformatics Centre, NUS, Singapore.