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The DNA Bank was established in 1994 as a section of the MAFF Genebank System in-charge of the management of DNA materials and information. The major thrust of its activities focuses on the collection and distribution of DNA materials from agricultural organisms (both plants and animals), materials derived from researches in molecular genetics, and associated genomics information. The DNA Bank takes an active role in various genomics projects of the institute. The collaborators from such projects provide the biological resources as well as the necessary input in the construction of various informatics infrastracture. With the re-organization of the institute into an independent body in April 2016, the DNA Bank retains its original function and continues to provide support to the scientific community.

Major activities
  1. Collection and distribution of DNA materials

    Currently, the DNA Bank is maintaining DNA materials and information that has been accumulated as part of the genome projects of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries such as the Rice Genome Research Program (RGP) and the Animal Genome Research Program (AGP). The biological materials available for distribution include cDNA clones, RFLP markers, PAC/BAC clones and YAC filters.

  2. Information Management and Other Services

    The DNA Bank provides access to all genomics data derived from the rice, animal and silkworm genome projects including databases and sequence analysis tools. In addition, it also collects and manages all publicly available nucleotide sequence data (from DDBJ, NCBI/GenBank, EBI/EMBL) and amino acid sequence / proteins (from PIR, SWISS-PROT, PDB). Various retrieval / homology search systems using these databases have been constructed to facilitate efficient analysis of sequence information.

Contact Information
  • For inquiries on DNA information and available DNA materials:
    DNA Bank
    Institute of Crop Science, NARO
    2-1-2 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8518, Japan
    TEL: (81) 29-838-7456
    FAX: (81) 29-838-7048

  • For inquiries on documents related to distribution of DNA materials:
    Genebank Project Promotion Section
    Genetic Resources Center,NARO
    2-1-2 Kannondai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-8602, Japan
    FAX: (81) 29-838-7054